VG Underground

Dispatch and mining works
optimization for underground mines


Монтажная область 6 копия 7
Optimal distribution of equipment
Optimal distribution of equipment by loading and unloading points taking into account the planned quality and volumes in warehouses, accounting for queues and idle time
Монтажная область 4 копия 6
Increase in production volumes
Increase in production volumes by the current amount of equipment
Монтажная область 5 копия 11
Reducing the human impact
Reducing the human impact on the productivity of the mining and transport complex
Монтажная область 2 копия 2
Reduced costs
Reduced costs for repair and maintenance of equipment, increase of the technical readiness coefficient


  • Reliability of data - the collection and transfer of information without the participation of operators PDM / Shas. Combinatorial analysis of data (translation of telemetry into an event state). Avoiding the button decision fixing events. Work with equipment of any manufacturer
  • Efficiency of data - transfer of actual data "upward" (including the PIP operational planning system) by the number of hauls, transported volumes by routes and equipment downtimes
  • Transfer of control actions - transfer of interchangeable tasks from the PIP operational planning system "down"
  • Accounting of hauls (place of loading, place of unloading, number of cycles of transportation)
  • Operating time / downtime with classification of idle type (manual entry by classifier idle time)
  • Reporting for downtime, KIO, KTG
  • Productivity (t / h, t * km / hr, bucket loading)
  • Production cycle - the time of execution of the operation upon execution
  • Analysis of intra-shift progress in the fulfillment of the planned task (plan / fact / factor analysis of deviation, downtime / work)
  • Cumulative statistics on the quantity and quality of the transported rock mass with the possibility of aggregation by the operator, unit of equipment, production, ore discharge
  • Analysis of the operator's performance (ton * km / hr, bucket loading) with rating assignment according to the criteria set by the Customer


  1. Transfer of the task assignment to the on-board computer and control of its execution
  2. Input of scheduled tasks on the on-board computer (tonnage, number of buckets of rock mass, place of loading, unloading place, pair number) in Customer format
  3. Possibility of manual adjustment of the shift task by the dispatcher of the mine in the context of the technological shift
  4. Comparison of plan values for the shipping of rock mass with actual data. Aggregation of production, site, specific equipment number or operator data (optional) during the shift, in the control panel
  5. Control and management of mining process and transportation of rock mass
  6. Tracking the progress of work performed with an hourly profile (number of buckets, tons of rock mass transported per hour and cumulative)
  7. Fixing the duration of the operation (the time of movement in the context of the technological cycle)
  8. Accounting for ore for various options for the board (output - PDM - ore-extraction / storage, production - PDM - Shas - ore-release / storage, ore - SHAS - ore-pass)
  9. Calculation of the productivity of tons / hour, ton * km / hr, buckets / hour
  10. Analysis of the operation of equipment in the context of the calendar time fund
  11. Function of confirmation by the operator of the technical readiness of the equipment to perform operations and the declared status of the replacement task
  12. Automatic detection of idle time with the classification of idle type (change, waiting for organizational reasons, delay due to the personal needs of the operator, for technical reasons, etc.) by manually selecting the cause of the operator on its display
  13. Analytical module of the system with the functionality for processing incoming information from on-board computers of equipment. Produces aggregation of data in the context of the calendar time fund according to the user-defined period, with calculations on the efficiency of equipment use (CIO, CTG)