Microprocessor control
system for devices of signals,
centralization and interlocking

Implementation of microprocessor
centralization on the basis of modern
soft- and hardware with the complete
replacement of traditional station systems
of signals, centralization and interlocking


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Increase the capacity of stations
Increase the capacity of stations, while improving the level of traffic safety
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Increase the reliability
Increase the reliability of the systems of the signal system; reduce the complexity of servicing the signaling devices
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Bring traffic control
Bring traffic control to a qualitatively new level by providing the station master with new information that was not available before
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Make it possible
Make it possible to create a dispatch system for railway transport in real time


  • Possibility of working with various systems for determining the availability of railway sections (ESSO, Frauscher, rail track circuit, etc.)
  • The compactness of the arrangement of the equipment allows it to be placed in the mobile station of the computer-based interlocking
  • A more intuitive display of the train situation than in traditional signaling systems
  • Train units are automatically transferred from the departure section to the arrival section when the route is normal
  • It is possible to form trains indicating the numbers of the railcars and the codes of the cargo
  • Different variants of the color scheme, the Customer chooses the most suitable


  1. Recording of all significant station events
  2. Logical control of railway availability
  3. Visualization of movement along the routes and train parkings, automatic movement of the train callsign from the departure section to the arrival section with automatic route cutting
  4. Manual operation of the arrival and departure of the train to the station section by selecting a callsign from lists structured by train type
  5. Providing of information to the duty station master and to the dispatching system about repairs at the station, restrictions or closings of traffic along separate sections of the route, warnings
  6. Providing to the duty station master the information on warnings, speed limits and closures for the traffic of route sections
  7. Ability to install on the mnemonic diagram a record of an arbitrary form
  8. Installation of loading and unloading facilities indicating the type of cargo and automatic change of the cargo code on the mobile unit
  9. Built-in system of the false occupied reset allows you not to set up physical resets, save data for each reset in a single control system archive for further analysis
  10. Control of heating of switches and blowing of turnouts
  11. Control of the dragging equipment detector
  12. Management and control of the Customer's facilities that are not included the centralization system, but managed by the duty station master (watering dumpcars, etc.)
  13. When using axle counting systems - control of an unauthorized by the duty station manager passage of prohibiting indication of a traffic light