Open-pit slopes stability
control for registration
of the rock formation
shifts and mine survey

Radio monitoring
of career's slope shifts
Reutech radars
are used


Монтажная область 3 копия 3
Increase the safety of open mining
Increase the safety of open mining due to the registration of the slope's rock formation shifting and the advance notification of personnel
Монтажная область 4 копия 13
Prevention of pit crashes


  • High accuracy of measuring equipment
  • Reliable equipment, coefficient of technical availability ~ 1, able to work in severe climatic conditions
  • Sufficient time to detect a hazardous area of ​​the slide (not too early and not too late)
  • Integration with other systems for slope stability monitoring and the MFMS


  1. Shift detection with an accuracy of <0.9 mm
  2. Guaranteed ceaseless operation 24/7
  3. Complex self-test function
  4. Access to the slope is not required
  5. Automatic 3D model creation
  6. Georeferencing to mine surveying network
  7. Real-time monitoring with account of data from all the systems of slopes stability control
  8. Account of blasting operations during calculations
  9. Taking of the geological model
  10. Proven efficiency at temperatures from -50 to +55
  11. High mobility -the deployment time at a new point is 15-30 minutes
  12. Integration with MFMS VG KARIER - automatic notification of vahicles operators
  13. Unique Rapid Align function - detection of previously scanned data within a new scan area and automatic synchronization to account for previous measurements