VG Scarex Excavator
Management System

The system for managing
the work of quarry excavators
with the use of high-precision
positioning of the bucket
and control of the operation
of units and assemblies.


Монтажная область 4 копия 3
Automated control
Automated control and management of the excavator fleet using high-precision navigation systems
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Increasing the productivity
Increasing the productivity of excavators
Монтажная область 4 копия 3
Improvement of excavator performance
Improvement of excavator performance due to operational control
Монтажная область 3 копия 7
Maintaining the required quality
Maintaining the required quality of minerals at the reloading warehouse / stack
Монтажная область 4 копия 5
Operative control
Operative control of the excavator's work volumes, implementation of the task
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Improvement of the quality
Improvement of the quality of extracted minerals
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Reduction costs
Reduction of operating costs


  • Construction or import of the geological model of the deposit
  • Building of a quality plan for the excavator work horizon based on a geological model, drilling test data and other information
  • Design of small contours of excavator operation, within which, in planning, it is possible to average the qualitative indicators of the useful excavated
  • Design of the sequence of working out the contours set in the previous stage, with reference to a specific excavator and the unloading point
  • Transmission in digital form of the plan obtained in the previous step, for display on the on-board monitor of the excavator's operator


  1. Creation of a task taking into account the quality of ore (order of contours working)
  2. Location and orientation of an excavator
  3. Technological information (cycles, advance of work)
  4. Performance of the task
  5. Control of working places, prompt correction
  6. Report on the operation of the excavator, operational contents and volumes in stocks
  7. Automatic optimization of the dump truck routes to maintain the required quality
  8. Control of the face base
  9. Quality control of the ore in each dump truck
  10. Exchange of messages between the dispatcher and the operator