VG BucketControl
excavator teeth control

Automated monitoring of the presence
and loss of bucket teeth
of mining excavators


Монтажная область 2 копия 6
Automated alert
Automated alert of operator and dispatcher about loss of tooth cap
Монтажная область 3 копия 7
Minimization of stops
Minimization of stops due to the search for tooth caps, minimization of the failure of crushing stations, reducing the cost of repairing of crushing stations
Монтажная область 3 копия
Possibility to schedule replacement
Possibility to schedule replacement, purchase of spare parts


  • Reducing equipment downtime
  • Excavator continuous operation
  • Downstream equipment breakage prevention
  • Shovel damage protection
  • Improving production safety: people are no longer involved in hazardous work related to the tooth extraction


  1. Real-time teeth control
  2. Increasing productivity of crushing equipment
  3. Dispatch system integration
  4. Prevent equipment breakdown and downtime
  5. Real-time alerts
  6. WI-FI, LAN, LTE - supported networks