ZM Fleet

ZM Fleet system
allows to reduce maintenance
costs and improve the efficiency
of commercial vehicles
and general purpose transport usage


Монтажная область 6 копия 4
Increase of transparency
Increase of transparency of the transport usage
Монтажная область 6 копия 7
Increase of control
Increase of control and monitoring tools for equipment usage process
Монтажная область 1 копия 8
Increase of efficiency
Increase of efficiency of auxiliary transport and general purpose transport
Монтажная область 1 копия 2
Cost decrease
Cost decrease for general and auxiliary transport


  • Unified management system for the transport fleet of the enterprise (integration into FMS ZM KARIER)
  • Only industrial equipment, tested in harsh conditions
  • A wide range of additional equipment (operators identification, voice communication, hypersonic fuel sensors, etc.)
  • Data transmission via WiFi networks, VHF, MESH, Tetra, etc. without GSM connection
  • System acces via standard web-browser
  • Sms notifications and e-mail reports


  1. GLONASS / GPS support
  2. Integration with ERP systems
  3. Control of attracted and guest vehicles using trackers and RFID tags
  4. Control of personnel and equipment position