Robotic dump trucks

Autonomous and remotely
operated dump trucks
up to
increase of cargo
transportation efficiency


Монтажная область 2
Application of mining
Application of mining dump trucks in difficult mining and geological conditions
Монтажная область 2 копия 3
Exclusion of drivers
Exclusion of drivers from hazardous mining areas
Монтажная область 1 копия 4
A significant increase in the efficiency
A significant increase in the efficiency of mining operations due to changes in the parameters of geotechnology (the slopes angles, the width of technological roads, inclination)


  • The possibility of increasing the angles of the pit slopes
  • Reduction of downtime (change, lunch, personal needs, etc.)
  • Equipment operaton 24/7
  • Increase in the equipment period of operation (due to proper use)
  • Automation of maintenance planning and repair processes


  1. Autonomous movement along a given route
  2. Automatic unloading in the specified zones
  3. Possibility of transition to remote control of a dumper
  4. Adaptive algorithms of work and equipment movement