Increasing tires availability
through predictive analytics

The system which improves the tires availability
and helps to reduce tire costs in accordance
with the revised forecast, procurement planning,
analysis of factors affecting the tires availability


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Reduce tire costs
Reduce tire costs up to 3-7%
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Increase tire availability
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Forecasting of tire
Forecasting of tire decommissioning by the date
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Forecasting of tires
Forecasting of tires decommissioning by dump truck models
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Determination of best tire practices
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Identifying factors
Identifying factors that affect tire availability


  • Predictive analysis of tire decommissioning, replacement of tires availability
  • Procurement planning of tires
  • Connectability to any mine fleet management system
  • Predictive algorithms and industry expertise allows to increase tires availability by more than 5%


  1. Display of identified influencing factors on tire availability and tear
  2. Recommendations for the periodic monitoring of the operation parameters of the tires
  3. Visualization of the business process of control over the state and increase of the tire availability
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