Intelligent Mine

A complex of digital technologies for the production processes management of open-pit mining operations on the basis of robotic loading and transporting systems, as well as industry solutions in the field of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics


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Extracting minerals in hard-to-reach and remote regions
Extracting minerals in hard-to-reach and remote regions with complex climatic and geological conditions
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Increase of efficiency
Increase of efficiency and level of industrial safety of mining production


  • Application of advanced information technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics for mining industry
  • Exclusion of personal from hazardous industrial zones
  • Possibility of forecasting the work of each extraction and the whole enterprise to achieve planned targets with minimal costs
  • Ability to change the parameters of geotechnology when using autonomous vehicles
  • Ability to forecast production costs based on the state of technology and mining
  • Reducing the cost of creating social infrastructure for Greenfield projects (infrastructure for line personnel)


  1. Optimization based on artificial intelligence allows to distribute robotic dump trucks along routes in an open cycle in accordance with the multi-criteria optimization approach
  2. Mining value chain management based on transition of process managemtnt to the whole technological chain including creating remote operation center and the whole predictive production analysis
  3. Planning of mining operations taking into account production plans and analysis of industrial safety. Achieving the optimal balance of efficiency and safety of mining production