Mine to mill

The system helps to operate
the whole chain of a mining


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Increases the efficiency
Increases the efficiency of managing the whole technological process of mining
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Transfers the level of decision-making
Transfers the level of decision-making from controlling only one particular process to the complex control over the whole production
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Allows to switch
Allows to switch to the predictive analytics in management and planning
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Provides a digital transformation of the production
Provides a digital transformation of the production by the plan of implementing of the technologies of collecting, preserving, analyzing and visualization of the KPIs of the production


  • Applying of predictive analytics' methods in managing the whole chain of production


  1. Display a technological process of mining and enrichment at the mnemonic diagram
  2. Visualization of financial and productive KPIs, prognoses and inflective factors as well
  3. Formulation and adjustment of plans and shift tasks for each of the technologic redistribution, including current situation and predictive analysis