Informational and analytical
system VG Holding

The system is developped
for mining holdings and management companies.
It allows to analyse data about production
information on the operation of a mine


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Lack of opportunity to find
Lack of opportunity to find out reasons for ineffective work of enterprises fast, find reserves to increase productivity and reduce costs
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Lack of information
Lack of information for making quick management decisions
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VG Holding allows you to compare
VG Holding allows you to compare planned and actual productive KPIs, compare different enterprises within the holding in accordance with controlled production indicators, analyze the dynamics of changes in production indicators, find bottlenecks in the activities of the enterprise
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VG Holding is a single entry
VG Holding is a single entry point for analyzing the whole production information about work of mines within one holding


  • Unlike the ERP, VG Holding system allows to download data automatically from automated control system 'Karier' and to provide operative control over KPIs. It minimizes manual data input into the system. The results of the work are immediately available after they had been verified in the automated control system Karier
  • Flexible options of displaying information and data export. Generation of standard reports for periodic reporting, arbitrary reports being formed by users of business intelligence tools, for example, Oracle Business Intellegence. Business Objects, downloading of the reports to Excel for analysis and optimization of technological and business processes, integration with ERP systems


  1. The system provides planned and actual parameters of the mine work, such as: the number of trips for the period, the volume of work of mining equipment, idle time, loading time, fleet utilization rate, cargo turnover, the cycle time of the excavation, the time of movement with and without cargo, time of loading / unloading
  2. Rapid assessment of the effectiveness of mining operations based on one report, the ability to conduct analyzes for different periods (from a shift to several years, to identify the dynamics of changes)
  3. Building of arbitrary reports with the help of business intelligence tools: BI, BO. Integration with ERP and other systems