Drivers fatigue monitoring
system VG Fatigue

Waking state monitoring
based on continuous analysis
of facial expression and pupils


Монтажная область 6 копия 2
Prevention of accidents
Prevention of accidents due to loss of attention and microsleep
Монтажная область 5 копия 7
Notification of the dispatcher
Notification of the dispatcher about the drivers condition
Монтажная область 1 копия 4
Increased productivity
Increased productivity by reducing the fatigue factor
Монтажная область 4
Increase of industrial
Increase of industrial safety and labor protection


  • No wearable, individual parts
  • No binding to executive mechanisms, suitable for any transport


  1. Drivers' waking state monitoring: signs of fatigue and microsleep
  2. Driver alert if necessary
  3. Timely notification of the dispatcher about the upcoming fatigue of dump trucks drivers
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