Automated industrial safety
management system
ZM Safety

Industrial safety management
and automatisation of the tasks system


Монтажная область 5 копия 11
Quantitation of risks
Quantitation of risks taking into account the qualifications of staff
Монтажная область 5 копия
Reduction of the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
Монтажная область 3 копия 2
Reduction of the risk
Reduction of the risk of imposing fines by audit organizations
Монтажная область 3 копия 7
Reduction of the number
Reduction of the number of recurrent violations
Монтажная область 6 копия 2
Reduction of injuries
Reduction of injuries, incidents (including accidents), production stops
Reduction of routine
Reduction of routine operations while issuing and analyzing the execution of shift tasks
Монтажная область 4 копия 6
Timely elimination
Timely elimination of violations


  • Complex automation of security processes and production planning systems
  • LTIFR reduction up to 2.5 times
  • Reduction of the number of recurrent violations by 40%


  1. Preliminary risk monitoring, qualification testing and training before issuing shift tasks
  2. Monitoring of personnel productivity
  3. Detailed analysis and risk assessment
  4. Mobile application for employees - instantaneous display in the system of risks related to security
  5. Integration of the production control system into a unified management and dispatching system of the enterprise
  6. Possibility to use mobile devices
  7. Mapping - displaying on the map of places with existing violations and survey of workers in this zone
  8. Automation of reporting related to industrial safety, including the generation of xml files for sending to government agencies
  9. Automatic formation of brigades for complex or dangerous work, taking into account the rating / competence of personnel