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Mine Fleet

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Монтажная область 4 копия 3
Optimized distribution of dump trucks
Optimized distribution of dump trucks to excavators and unloading points taking into account the planned quality and volumes in warehouses, accounting for queues and downtime
Монтажная область 4 копия 12
Increase of production volumes
Increase of production volumes by the current amount of fleet and mining equipmnet
Монтажная область 4 копия
Elimination of human impact
Elimination of human impact on productivity of mining fleet and equipmnet
Монтажная область 2 копия 2
Reduction of expenses
Reduction of expenses for equipment repair and maintenance


5-15 %
Increase of productivity of shovels and dump trucks
up to 8 %
Reduction of equipment operating costs
5-10 %
Fuel saving
up to 80 %
Reduction of non-technological downtime


  1. Dynamic optimization allows to distribute dump trucks along routes in an open cycle in accordance with the multi-criteria optimization approach
  2. Optimization of changes, dinners, refueling
  3. Control and management of loading dump trucks, violations, KPI operators
  4. Monitoring of operation parameters and condition of mining machines
  5. Real-time reporting managemen
  6. Forecasting performance and implementing the plan
  7. Forecasting analytics
  8. Road quality control
  9. Control of operation of units and assemblies, the use of tires
  10. Integration with industrial safety management system, ERP, systems planning of mining operations