Open pit

Increase the efficiency
and safety of mining
from mine to mill
and blasting
Automated drilling rigs management system VG Drill
High-precision guidance and monitoring of drilling parameters
and transportation
VG Karier - Mine Fleet Management System
Dispatch and mining works optimization
Intelligent Mine
A complex of digital technologies for controlling the production processes of open-pit mining operations on the basis of robotic loading and transporting systems, as well as industry solutions in the field of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
Mine to mill
The system helps to operate the whole chain of a mining costing. It brings the management from a particular technological process to the level of control over the whole technology of mining. We achieve it by creating a single control center and analysis of production efficiency with the help of the predictive analytics and expert systems
Loading and Fuel Control System VG LoadPro
Measuring the weight of the load and the fuel consumption of a mining dump truck
Tire pressure and temperature control system VG TirePressure
Monitoring of tire pressure and temperature
ADAS - adaptive assistance system for the management of mining dump trucks
Automated assistance system for the management of mining dump trucks. Assistance to the driver of a mining dump truck based on the analysis of the best operating modes of equipment on the route
Tamtron dynamic weighting system
Payload weighing for wheeled loades and LHD
Informational and analytical system VG Holding
The system is developped for mining holdings and management companies. It allows to analyse data about production information on the operation of a mine
Shovel bucket teeth analysis system VG BucketControl
Automated system for monitoring the presence and loss of bucket teeth of mining excavators
System for analyzing the granulometric composition in the bucket of the excavator VG BucketControl Pro
Automated control of granulometric composition in the bucket of an excavator
Service systems for diagnostics, operation control and maintenance of mining equipment VG MineTruck
The solution of equipment diagnostics tasks, work with complaints, control of the efficiency of the equipment usage, monitoring of operating modes
Robotic dump trucks
Autonomous and remotely operated dump trucks
Remote controlled bulldozers, excavators and other types of mining equipment
Onboard kits for mining equipment control, remote controls
Excavator management system VG Scarex
The system for managing the work of quarry excavators with the use of high-precision positioning of the bucket and control of the operation of units and assemblies. Allows to plan and monitor the work of the excavator in accordance with the task and geology of the site
VG Fleet
VG Fleet system allows to reduce maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of commercial vehicles and general purpose transport usage
Safety and predictive analytics
Automated industrial safety management system VG Safety
Industrial safety management and automatisation of the tasks system
Personnel positioning system
Identification of personnel location
Video surveillance and collision avoidance systems for mining equipment and transport Orlaco
Video surveillance and collision avoidance for mining equipment and transport
Increasing tires availability through predictive analytics
The system which improves the tires availability and helps to reduce tire costs in accordance with the revised forecast, procurement planning, analysis of factors affecting the tires availability
Predictive repairs and maintenance of equipment and appliances
The system of predicting failure of mining equipment (dump trucks, excavators) is based on the data analysis and settings of expert restrictions on the operation of units and equipment assemblies
Pit mining
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