VG Fragmentation
system for fragmentation
analysis in each
shovel's bucket


Монтажная область 5 копия 14
Dispatch systems integration
Монтажная область 3 копия 3
Evaluation of granularity distribution
Evaluation of granularity distribution in each bucket
Монтажная область 3 копия 5
Possibility to optimize
Possibility to optimize drilling and blasting operations in terms of selection of the drilling grid and the volume of explosive materials


  • Increase in excavator productivity by 3%
  • Minimal breakdown of crushers’ equipment
  • Blast performance monitoring
  • Automatic analysis of current and planned blast performance


  1. Automated granulometric analysis throughout the whole depth of rock formation
  2. In-bucket analysis, there is no need of additional works
  3. Better than solutions based on echo and and lidars radars
  4. The data is stored locally, there is no errors due to ores mixing on mineral processing factory
  5. Both, ore and overburden, can be analysed