VG Service-system 
for equipment diagnostics, 
operation monitoring 
and maintenance

System for equipment diagnostics,
complaints processing and monitoring
of efficient use of vehicles


Монтажная область 1 копия 2
Availability of necessary information
Availability of necessary information on the equipment usage


  • The system provides an operative and full-scale picture of the use of fleet and equipment, which allows dealer, service company, distrubutor and manufacturer to successfully prevent undesirable event, respond promptly to complaints during the use of fleet and mining equipment, prevent disruption of operation, monitoring of efficiency use


  1. Accounting of complaints and monitoring of the effectiveness of equipment
  2. Monitoring of facilities
  3. Equipment diagnostic and increasing the coefficient of technical readiness
  4. Control of unauthorized use of equipment and exceeding the limits of allowable areas
  5. Monitoring of fuel consumption
  6. Display of mobile objects on the map
  7. Export of reports