Tire pressure
control system

Tire Pressure Monitoring System -
a set of devices and software that
allows contactless detection
of temperature and pressure in the tire


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Increase of the tire life
Increase of the tire life up to 30%
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Fuel economy
Fuel economy (up to 5%)
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Increasing the service life
Increasing the service life of components and assemblies


  • Simultaneous monitoring of tire pressure and temperature (single overheating reduces the tire life by 30%)
  • Timely decision-making at the risk of a tire explosion (the temperature rises continuously until the explosion and the pressure jumps right before the explosion)
  • Installation of sensors inside the tire ensures their safety from external influences (mechanical and weather)
  • Reducing accidents and injuries


  1. Online tire pressure monitoring
  2. Online temperature monitoring in the tire
  3. Data transmission from the sensors in the online mode to the VG KARIER system