VG Service – system for equipment diagnostics, operation monitoring and maintenance
System for equipment diagnostics, complaints processing and monitoring of efficient use of vehicles
Loading and Fuel Control System VG LoadPro
Measuring the weight of the load and the fuel consumption of a mining dump truck
Tire pressure control system
Tire Pressure Monitoring System -
a set of devices and software that allows contactless detection of temperature and pressure in the tire
Collision avoidance system Orlaco
Video surveillance and collision avoidance for mining equipment and transport
Service systems for diagnostics, operation control and maintenance of mining equipment VG MineTruck
The solution of equipment diagnostics tasks, work with complaints, control of the efficiency of the equipment usage, monitoring of operating modes
Predictive repairs and maintenance of equipment and appliances
The system of predicting failure of mining equipment (dump trucks, cargo handling equipment, mining machinery) is based on the data analysis and settings of expert restrictions on the operation of units and equipment assemblies
Shovel bucket teeth analysis system VG BucketControl
Автоматизированная система мониторинга наличия и потери зубьев карьерных экскаваторов
System for analyzing the granulometric composition in the bucket of the excavator VG BucketControl Pro
Automated control of granulometric composition in the bucket of an excavator
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