Zyfra and VIST Group are developing artificial intelligence for mining

Zyfra and VIST Group signed an agreement on strategic partnership with the goal of creating the first digital platform for mining in Russia. The signing took place at the largest international industrial trade fair INNOPROM.

The new digital platform will represent an integrated solution from the "intelligent mine" to the processing plant. It will allow to digitize all the value chain of mining with the use of artificial intelligence: drilling and blasting, an intelligent mine with unmanned vehicles, crushing and enriching minerals. The unmanned vehicles (dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers) will be integrated into a single digital control system for the mining and transport complex. Environmental monitoring, including air and water control is an important part of the system. Total investments in the projects which will be developed in the framework of cooperation at the first stage, will amount to 300 million rubles.

The platform will combine the opportunities and experience of Zyfra company in the field of artificial intelligence and the mining industry expertise of VIST Group.

The "digital platform" will be developed for the Russian and international markets. It is planned to start sales of the platform in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Chile in 2019, in 2020 — in South Africa.

"The current advancement of intellectual solutions into mining is on average less than 50% worldwide, and in developing countries, where this industry is most developed — only 25%. Distribution of solutions with artificial intelligence can add up to $ 3 billion, so we believe this is promising for the development and international expansion of Zyfra", — commented Igor Bogachev, CEO of Zyfra company.

"The goal of the agreement is the integration of digital technologies of "smart production "of both companies on the basis of a single platform within the concept of the industrial Internet of things for different industries. The synergies between the technologies of both companies will facilitate the commercialization of solutions on international markets, which are strategic for VIST Group", commented Dmitry Vladimirov, General Director of VIST Group.