VIST Group participated as an expert in the "All-Russian week of labor protection" in Sochi

12 April 2018
The key event in the field of labor protection and industrial safety was held on April 9-13 at the main Media center of Sochi. More than 10 thousand representatives of various federal and regional authorities, entrepreneurs, managers and specialists of large and small enterprises, as well as public organizations met to discuss current problems and prospects of the field.

The mining industry in terms of a combination of harmful production factors is one of the most dangerous for a human's work. To protect employees, modern mining enterprises implement advanced technologies and unique methods of labor and health protection, as well as industrial safety management systems.

Within the event, VIST Group specialists told the participants about the innovative solution VG Safety for industrial safety management. In addition, the company acted as an expert in the session "Labor Protection and Industrial Safety in the Mining Industry" and took part in the discussion of automation of work processes, staff motivation for safety, personnel qualification, and the specific features of occupational medicine in the mining industry.