VIST Group on "MINEX Central Asia"

From 5th to 7th of April the VIST Group company had taken part in the Second annual mining forum “MINEX Central Asia” (Astana, Kazakhstan), which was visited by more than 500 guests from Kazakhstan, Central Asia countries, Russia, Ukraine, European Union, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia.

Recent developments in field of mine fleet management systems and new benefits of the KARIER Version 3 system were shown by the VIST Group specialists during the exhibition. KARIER Version 3 provides the extra features like  Web-access, easy maintenance, quick deployment and reports developing, mobile access, user-friendly interface and much more in addition to Version 2 high reliability and wide functionality.

Now even the small mining enterprises can get a lot to increase efficiency using only WEB-interface and VIST Group Server. There is no need to purchase own server. Many features are available with a a certain rental fee.

During the exhibition Operation and health monitoring and maintenance management system for mining equipment VG Service was also presented. VG Service is an exclusive system, that lets you monitor health and operation of the sold and guaranty mining equipment. Also using VG Service you can manage your own fleet and service engineers. Technical condition, operation parameters  and GPS/GLONASS navigation readings automatically transmits  from the mining equipment to the VG Service system  server. VG Service lets you to monitor all the essential information about state of the equipment directly on you PC using regular web-browser in every part of the world, where Internet is enabled!

VG Service provides new innovation services for your customers and
lets you raise your competitive capacity among other dealers and
service companies.

VIST Group also presented other solutions for mining industry:

  • On-board high-quality rugged PC with 7 inch LCD touch screen iPan for mining equipment. It displays the operation parameters, work orders, messages from KARIER system of dispatcher etc. iPan is the main part of the on-board equipment and now installed on all mobile objects at the KARIER System.
  • Tamtron on-board scales for wheel loaders
  • On-board weighing control, fuel and tire pressure monitoring system for dump trucks SKZiT.
  • High precision navigation solutions for excavators and drills.
  • SAMARA, the system of mine-geological works automation (enables to automate the everyday operations of information office studies by a surveying department of the enterprise)
  • And much more!
Our specialists will be glad to answer your questions about the products presented by phone or by e-mail.