VIST Group demonstrated the innovative technology "Intelligent Mine" at the first international exhibition "GORPROMEXPO-2018"

16 April 2018
From 11 to 14 April the first international exhibition-forum of mining industry "GORPROMEXPO-2018" was held in the Gostiny Dvor exhibition complex in Moscow. The event was organized with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and NPO "Miners of Russia", and gathered together representatives of government, businesses and members of the Higher Mining Council of Russia.

In the format of the plenary sessions there was a discussion of the prospects of the mining industry in terms of import substitution and expansion of exports of Russian mining equipment and information technologies. According to Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, over the past two years, with the participation of business in import substitution, it has been possible to increase the share of domestic equipment in the domestic market from 57 to 74%. In addition, the Russian market for the export of information technologies of domestic production is actively developing.

VIST Group is a leader in the Russian market of digital solutions for the mining industry. Within the exhibition the company presented a model of the innovative system "Intelligent Mine" - technology of automated and robotic extraction of solid minerals in open mining. The system will dramatically improve the efficiency and safety of mining operations by removing a person from dangerous areas and controlling the equipment in optimal modes. According to the CEO of VIST Group Dmitry Vladimirov, the process of digitalization of mining enterprises is rapidly developing. With the appropriate development of the legal framework and the mentality of top management, after 5-7 years separate zones of unmanned mining will appear in the enterprises, and in 10-15 most industrial companies will switch to this technology.

In addition, representatives of VIST Group made presentations on the digital mining enterprise and took part in a press conference in which they shared with the journalists the specifics of the technological development of the mining industry at the present time.

The exhibition-forum "GORPROMEXPO" is a platform for integration of Russian machine-building and software manufacturers with the Russian mining industry. This is a new format of intersectoral cooperation and an important strategic project of public-private partnership.
vist group demonstrated the innovative technology "intelligent mine" at the first international exhibition "gorpromexpo-2018"