VIST Group and Mobilaris (Sweden) signed an agreement on cooperation and strategic partnership

26 December 2014

VIST Group and Mobilaris (Sweden) signed an agreement on cooperation and strategic partnership in the development and promotion of systems for open pit and underground mining. In particular, it is planned to begin a joint development of industrial safety and evacuation systems, collision avoidance systems, automated dispatching systems. In the future, it is assumed to develop a mining operations management system both for underground and open-pit mining, automate the processes of mining and production management.

vist group and mobilaris (sweden) signed an agreement on cooperation and strategic partnership Mobilaris representative Peter Häggroth and VIST Group general director Dmitry Vladimirov 

Mobilaris is a Swedish company that has been delivering world leading position based decision support systems for the last 15 years to various industries. The last three years Mobilaris has brought all this experience into mining operations. VIST Group has been working in the IT market for more than 25 years, and has accumulated a rich experience in development and deployment of fleet management systems for mining industry.

Now Mobilaris will use VIST Group’s achievements in field of mining fleet management and operational mining management ad offer VIST Group's products to mining companies outside of Russia, in turn VIST Group will integrate the Mobilaris solutions in FMS and offer Mobilaris Mining Intelligence solution to mining companies in Russia and CIS.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is a is a position-based decision support system that opens up a new world of intelligent underground and open-pit mining, significantly increasing safety and productivity.  Mobilaris Mining Intelligence provides superior situational awareness, real-time positioning and information on vehicles, equipment and personnel – presented in a sophisticated 3D user interface.

KARIER FMS – fleet management system, that will be integrated with Mobilaris solutions, is a system which is aimed at operational management of mining fleet during the shift and at automation of the mined rock transportation, drilling and blasting operations, excavation and quality management of the mineral product.


  • Increasing the time of productive use of the mining equipment during the shift
  • Conserving resources while achieving the required production volumes Increasing labor and technological discipline of the personnel
  • Allowing objective estimation of company’s services and areas operation
  • Effectively solving the problems of open pit operational management (including tasks of haulage optimization, maintenance of required value of mineral in the mined ore, provision of a necessary equipment productivity, fueling management)
  • Ensuring the systematic maintenance and repair of the mining fleet, monitoring and accounting of tires, solving simple warehouse tasks.