VIST Robotics (a subsidiary of VIST Group), BELAZ and Region 42 have signed an agreement on cooperation

VIST Robotics (a subsidiary of VIST Group), BELAZ and Region 42 have signed an agreement on cooperation and implementation of the Intelligent Mine system in the selected area of ​​open-pit mine with the use of BELAZ robotic dump trucks. The document was signed at the international industrial trade fair INNOPROM in Yekaterinburg. The agreement was signed by Alexander Galkin, Chief engineer of Region 42, Piotr Parkhomchik, General Director of BELAZ and Dmitry Vladimirov, General Director of VIST Group.

Within the framework of the signed agreement, the infrastructure for the Intelligent Mine will be created at one of the open-pit site in the Kemerovo region. There will be 5 dump trucks with load capacity of 130 tons which will be provided by BELAZ company. It is planned that dump truck handling will be carried out both in a robotic mode without drivers on board, but with constant control of the machine from the remote control center, and in the autonomous mode, when vehicles are controlled by the operator from the remote control center only in emergency and special cases.

"Our mining dump trucks are equipped with hundreds of sensors that generate a terabyte of information per year in real time, which allows us to track the quality of the machine anywhere in the world. The collected data, predictive analytics and machine learning technologies will enable us in the foreseeable future to provide our clients with completely new intelligent services to increase the efficiency of operation of mining dump trucks, predictive analytics and the transition to servicing, not by regulation, but on demand", said the general director of BELAZ Piotr Parkhomchik.

"The creation of sites with operating robotic equipment guarantees the increase in productivity and safety of open pit mining by removing personnel from the dangerous zones, eliminating downtime related to human factors, controlling equipment in optimal modes, as well as automatically optimizing freight flows in the mine and other production processes", commented VIST Robotics General Director Dmitry Vladimirov.