VIST Group presents its “Smart mine” solutions at Mining Show 2018

9 October 2018

On October 8th the 11th Mining Show, the largest mining & quarrying conference and expo for Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South Asia opened in Dubai. The exhibition demonstrates the very latest in technology and solution innovations to mining industry. Mining technology, equipment & services companies, miners and governments take this opportunity to expand connections, launch new products and forge new business partnerships.

“The industry as a whole saw a slump in 2015 but since then the sector has recovered due to rising commodity prices. The current advancement of intellectual solutions into mining is on average less than 50% worldwide, and in developing countries, where this industry is most developed — only 25%. Distribution of solutions with artificial intelligence can add up to $ 3 billion, so we believe this is promising for the development and international expansion,” – said Dmitry Klebanov a Business Development Director of VIST Group.

As the event kicks off, VIST Group (strategic partner of Finnish Zyfra Oy) presents its digital solutions for global market. One of those - a large-scale model of the Intelligent mine project, where the extraction of solid minerals does not require the presence of people and is carried out by robotic equipment. This technology will increase the level of industrial safety and efficiency of transportation in the mining enterprises. In addition, the company demonstrates the operator's remote workplace, which allows to control remotely mining equipment.

“At the simplest level, such systems are now acting as adjuncts to manned vehicles in providing, for example, location information, collision warning, or driver enhancements. At a more complex level, a number of automated machines for hauling, excavation and loading are being introduced. At the level of a complete mine, it makes it possible to exert overall coordinated control of individuals, vehicles and systems in the mine,” - Dmitry Klebanov explained.

VIST Group is one of the industrial leaders in development and implementation of information technologies for digital mining, metal and other enterprises. In strategic partnership with Finnish Zyfra Oy the company also developing AI and IoT based solutions for heavy industries. The company now operates in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belorussia. It also planned to start sales in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Chile in 2019, in 2020 — in South Africa. 

EDITED BY: Creamer Media Reporter