VIST Group is the general partner of the BELAZ Jubilee Conference in Zhodino

21 September 2018

On September, 28 will be the anniversary conference of the company BELAZ - the world's largest manufacturer of dump trucks of large and extra large capacity, as well as other heavy transport equipment used in the mining and construction industries. The general sponsor of the conference, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the company, is VIST Group.

The event will be held in the Palace of Culture and at the training ground of the company in Zhodino, the Republic of Belarus, and will gather more than four hundred partners of the Belarusian manufacturer from all over the world. At the strategic session of the conference the general director of VIST Group Dmitry Vladimirov will tell about the experience and prerequisites for creating a "digital mining enterprise". A special place in the conference is held by a techno show at which the flagship of the Belarusian car industry will show its innovative technological developments.

VIST Group and specialists of BELAZ will present a joint development of a robotic cargo handling complex that will autonomously perform technological operations such as loading, unloading, etc. Specialists of VIST Robotics (100% subsidiary of VIST Group) carried out corresponding tests and works for several months, the first stage of which was demonstrated in July this year at the INNOPROM technology expo in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

For stand-alone operation, the technician was equipped with systems that allow safe execution of technological operations. High-precision navigation, radar, lidar and video cameras ensure the movement of equipment, excluding collisions, and prevent emergencies. In addition, the robotic technique can be controlled by the operator with the help of a specially designed Operator’s Workplace. This innovative development of VIST Robotics allows to remotely manage career technology. Demonstration of a robotic cargo handling complex, including a wheel loader and dump truck, is yet another step towards the creation of a completely unmanned mining enterprise.