VIST Group congratulated BELAZ on the Jubilee and demonstrated joint technological developments at a conference in Zhodino

2 October 2018

On September 28, the Jubilee Conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of BELAZ took place in Zhodino, Republic of Belarus. VIST Group was the general partner of the conference. Within the strategic session, the General Director of the BELAZ company Peter Parkhomchik, the General Director of the VIST Group Dmitry Vladimirov and other partners of the company discussed issues relating to the innovative development of the industry.

vist group congratulated belaz on the jubilee and demonstrated joint technological developments at a conference in zhodino

The opening ceremony of the conference began with the opening speech of Peter Parkhomchik: “We have traveled a long seventy-year journey from the manufacturer of road cars to the giant dump trucks included in the Guinness Book of Records. Today we produce the widest range of mining dump trucks, our equipment transports all types of minerals, it works in all climatic conditions on five continents in more than twenty countries of the world. Over the past ten years, we have increased our global market share from 12% to 28%. Together with our suppliers and partners, we have developed a comprehensive program for monitoring the technical condition of mining equipment, which allows not only to see the current status of a mining truck in real-time, but also to make predictions of outage and maintenance recommendations based on machine learning and predictive analytics. ”

VIST Group has been a technological partner of the BELAZ for more than twenty years. During strategic session, the company presented BELAZ with an unusual gift - Operator's Workplace, which allows remote control of robotic career equipment. The Operator's Workplace was developed by VIST Robotics (100% subsidiary of VIST Group). Dmitry Vladimirov cordially congratulated the BELAZ team and its CEO on the anniversary:
“Now BELAZ is almost completely a digital machine with remote diagnostic systems and digital control systems. We hope that this year the first robotic dump trucks will come off the assembly line of the BELAZ. The VIST Group Company heartily congratulates the whole BELAZ team and wishes further fruitful work in creating the most up-to-date career equipment, winning new markets and strengthening its position in the existing markets. Successes and prosperity! VIST Group will make every effort so that the most advanced systems for managing mining equipment will always work together with BELAZ. ”

During the strategic session, the topic of digital transformation of mining enterprises was actively discussed. According to Dmitry Vladimirov, successful digital transformation processes occur when company leaders are interested in this and are ready to change business processes of the enterprise. The most important technical element in open pit mining is a mining dump truck, which, thanks to the development of technology, has now become more intelligent, has been equipped with a self-diagnostic system and other robotic technologies. But artificial intelligence is not able to completely solve all the problems of mining production, so even when using robotic mining equipment in a digital mining enterprise, there is always a place for an operator who has to remotely control several units of equipment located in the face. It is this combination of the introduction of advanced technologies and changes in the organizational structure of enterprise management that will enable the transition to digital transformation in mining.

After the completion of the business part of the conference, all participants visited the site of the plant, where the technoshow and demonstration of models of the plant’s mining equipment took place, including the world's largest mining dump truck with a capacity of 450 tons. During the show, BELAZ and VIST Group specialists presented a joint development of a robotic loading and hauling complex, which autonomously performed a number of technological operations, such as loading, empty and laden, unloading. For autonomous operation, the equipment was provided with systems that allow to safely perform technological operations.

vist group congratulated belaz on the jubilee and demonstrated joint technological developments at a conference in zhodino

In addition, BELAZ and VIST Group held a seminar for international dealers and partners of the plant, dedicated to the creation of a modern digital mining enterprise using, inter alia, automated control systems of the mining and transport complex and remote service diagnostics systems. The participants of the event discussed the current global trends in the mining industry and the joint development strategy for the BELAZ mining dump truck fleet with VIST Group digital and robotic technologies. All participants of the seminar expressed confidence that the cooperation between BELAZ and VIST Group will enable to take the leading equipment of BELAZ leading positions in international markets.