16 November 2012
15th and 16th of November Saint-Petersburg held the Third international scientific and practical conference “Techgormet – 21 century” which this year has focused on the modern technologies of minerals extraction and processing. The event was held at the territory of the National Mineral Resources University.

The conference aim is to combine the best specialists of the Russian and foreign mining industry (among them – representatives of the largest holding and technological companies: SUEK, BelAZ, SDS-Coal and others, including VIST Group company and its affiliate, VIST Mining Technology company) to share the knowledge, experience, technologies and to highlight the most advanced developments of the mining science, which will help to realize the most ambitious high-tech projects in mining industry.

The topic of the conference: “Modern technologies of the minerals extracting and processing management” - is the result of the 2011 “Techgormet” conference and was unanimously approved by the organizing committee and participants, because of its relevance. Special attention will be paid to the use of robotized vehicles, modern navigation and information technologies, which open up completely new possibilities in mining companies problems solving.

Reports will be presented by a leading Russian and foreign mining companies specialists, mining equipment developers, Ministry of Energy, RTN representatives, scientists.

At the plenary session at 15th of November, a report on Automation development of the open-pit mining will be presented by technical director of the VIST Mining Technology, Nikolay Odintsev
Within the Open-pit mining section, the main topic of which was Automation and dispatch control of the mining equipment, robotized technologies implementation, BelAZ plant specialist had presented a report on a robotized BelAZ dump truck.
During the Underground mining section, VIST Group Kemerovo branch director will tell about the Industrial Safety management system and risks estimation in mining enterprises.

We hope, that the conference will help in new technical and organizational solutions implementation, that will improve the competitiveness of Russian mining companies in the world market.

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