Third international engineering forum in Moscow

27 November 2015
Third International Engineering forum took place in Moscow (Ritz Carlton hotel) 20th of November. Some of the first design consortiums – associations of system integrators, corporations, consumers, universities and start-ups for creation of the breakthrough technological solutions in the new high-tech sectors were introduced to the visitors of the forum. Intelligent Mine, which in included in market AutoNet roadmap (distributed management network of driverless transport) was one of these solutions.

Intelligent Mine is a project of creation of technology for unmanned mining equipment – excavators, dump trucks, loaders etc. RVC (a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation) had posted a small interview with the project leader, general director in VIST Group Dmitry Vladimirov on its Facebook page:

"Mining site is a dangerous place for people, so the main trend in this area – removing people from the mining area. Besides, use of robotized equipment in mining enterprises can increase their productivity by 10-20%. It means, that in 5-7 years a lot of mining companies will be using unmanned mining technologies".

VIST Group is a integrator company is this consortium. "Our company has an experience of creation robotized dump trucks. In 2010 we created a remotely-controlled dump truck in association with BELAZ plant, in 2013 we introduced a fully robotized dump truck," – says Vladimirov. Another project, created with participation of VIST Group – robotized KAMAZ truck.

The main industrial partner and consumer for this consortium is one of the largest Russian coal-mining companies – SUEK. The consortium also includes BELAZ plant – the only plant in CIS, producing dump trucks, KAMAZ plant, MCST – a microprocessor company, that will provide the onboard computers for the dump trucks. Institute of Mineral Integrated Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences and National University of Science and Technology will cover science and development. "We also hope, that Tractor Plants Concern will join our consortium, we carry on the negotiations. We plan to develop a robotized bulldozer with them".

"In 2016, very soon, we plan to open an area in one of the SUEK open-pit mines, where excavator and five robotized dump trucks will work. Within a year this technology will be tested in real mining conditions".