The winner of INDUSTRY award will be announced 8th of July

The winner of INDUSTRY award will be announced 8th of July during the opening session of the INNOPROM exhibition in Yekaterinburg. VIST Group is among the five finalists, each of them had been chosen for the creation of the outstanding solutions, which are already used in the various branches of industry.

INDUSTRY prize was established by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2014 to award the most perspective and innovative technologies, created by the Russian companies for the Russian industry.

2015 finalists are Baikal Electric, VIST Group, Optoguard Nanotech, Tavrida Electric and T8. This year's finalists were chosen among 130 other applicants. The name of the winner depends on the decision of the expert council, which consists of leading industrial innovations specialists, representatives of business mass media and development institutions. 

Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper) has published a small article, containing a short interview with Alexey Klebanov – deputy general director of VIST Group company: “We offer a product for mining automation – a mine fleet management system with possible use of robotized equipment – Intelligent Mine. Intelligent Mine is a first technology in Russia and CIS for unmanned open-pit mining. The project got support from Ministry of Industry and Trade, Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and Skolkovo Foundation. Similar technologies are used in Canada, Chile and Australia. Russia is a mining country, so we should be among the world technological leaders in this sphere."

Use of Intelligent Mine system and its units, as Alexey predicts, will increase the productivity of mining-and-transport complex by 15-20%, will reinforce mining safety and will allow mining in remote areas and areas with harsh climatic conditions. “The main advantage of Intelligent Mine is that the system can be used with the most popular types of mining equipment in Russia, the system does not have any preferred type of equipment. This is a cross-functional system that can be used in differect branches of industry. Besides, it will be popular on the international market. The system has been developed since 2013, when the first robotized BelAZ dump truck was presented to the public,” – tells Alexey Klebanov.