The Mechel has started new mountain technics in operation

10 August 2007
On Korshunovskom GOKe and mines of the South-Ural nickel combine are put into operation new dredges of type "a return shovel", press-service "Mechel" informs. Cumulative cost of new dredges has made 167 million rbl. (nearby $ 6,5 million).

The dredge of mark Liebherr with a ladle in capacity 9 m3, put into operation on Korshunovskom is intended to career for working off of iron ore from the bottom horizons by the open way. From other career dredges used on cuts, it differs that is adapted f r dredging ore from a bottom career in the limited space. It allows to conduct works with high efficiency and smaller losses of iron ore in bowels. Input of a new dredge will allow to deduce two out-of-date dredges from operation and to raise annual produ ction rate of works on dredging ore on 30 %.

The dredge of mark Komatsu with volume of a ladle 4 m3 is entered on Saharinskom mine of combine "JUzhuralnikel". In the autumn the similar machine will earn and on Buruktalskom mine. New machines are intend ed for more effective dredging nikelsoderzhashchih ores on the bottom horizons. They differ the raised maneuverability and allow to conduct extraction on underlaying horizons, supplementing a technics available on mines.

For I half-year 2007 "Mechel" has sentially updated technical base of the mining actives: also in June-July two dredges Liebherr on cuts "Krasnogorskij" and "Sibirginskij" companies "Southern Kuzbas" have been started. Up to the end of current year "Mechel" plans to put into operation two more similar dredges on cuts "Olzherasskij" and "Tomusinskij" "Southern Kuzbas".

New machines have been put into operation within the limits of the program on modernisation of the enterprises of a mining segment of the company. Updating of the equip ment at the mining enterprises is a part of the program operating in "Mechel", directed on increase in volumes of manufacture of iron and nickel ore, and also achievement of volumes of a coal mining 25 million t in 2010 During with 2007 for 2011 the compa ny plans to invest in development of a mountain segment nearby $1,2 billion.