Stojlenskij the GOK has directed more than 100 million rbl. on modernization of a transport infrastructure

28 August 2007
Open Society " Stojlenskij GOK " has enclosed more than 100 million rbl. in modernization of a transport infrastructure. About it it is spoken in the message of the company.

At combine reconstruction of the transport scheme factory promploshchadki which will allow to increase throughput of tracks is completed and to raise traffic safety of trains.

During reconstruction two new railway overpasses on sites between stations Jam ja and Stojlenskaja and on a piece of a way between station Atamanskaja and the case of large crushing are built. Due to division of freight traffics processes of transportation of ferruterous quartzites on concentrating factory of combine and sending of ready commodity output to consumers are optimized.

The project is realized within the limits of the program of modernisation of combine.

For 7 months of current year of GOK has increased volume of transportations by 12.7 %, including vskryshnyh breeds on 22 %, quartzites - on 3.8 %.

Stojlenskij the GOK takes the third place in the Russian Federation on volumes of manufacture aglorudy and a concentrate. The enterprise develops Stojlenskoe a deposit of iron and ferruterous quartzites. Industrial stocks of combine - nearby 5 billion t. The enterprise is located in area of Kursk magnetic anomaly. In 2007 it is planned to increase manufacture zhelezorudnogo a concentrate up to 12.6 million t about 11.3 million t. On realization of the program tehperevooru enija per 2006 it has been directed more than 968 million rbl.

The net profit in 2006 on RSBU has grown on 3.5 % up to 7.5 billion rbl., the proceeds - on 5.1 % up to 15.81 billion rbl.

The GOK is supervised Open Society " Novolipetskij metallurgical co ine " (NLMK) which has got 59.8 % of its actions in March, 2004, and then has increased a share up to 96.98 %, having spent in total $659.3 million Enterprise on 90 % provides needs of combine for iron ore.