Southern Kuzbas " has commissioned new mountain technics

The new mountain technics on cuts of Open Society " Southern Kuzbas " is put into operation. According to the press-service of Open Society " Mechel ", introduction in work of new machines will allow to raise efficiency of works on a coal mining and to lo wer industrial costs.

New machines have been put into operation within the limits of the program on modernisation of the coal company of Open Society " Southern Kuzbas ". Two new hydraulic dredges of type a return shovel with capacity of a ladle of 11 cubic metre have been ent ered in build on cuts "Krasnogorskij" and "Sibirginskij". The Total cost of machines has made the order 178 million rbl. (nearby $7 million).

The new technics is intended for fuller and selective dredging coal layers at extraction by the open way on the bottom horizons in the limited space and for construction vodootlivov and motorways. In comparison with models of dredges of type the direct shovel, for work on Liebherr R-994 is required twice less than workers is will noticeably raise labour productivit y. Besides introduction in build new machines will allow to reduce operational losses of coal by 2-4 %, will increase volumes of a coal mining and will lower risk of environmental contamination.

Similar models of mountain technics Liebherr R-994 are alre ady successfully used at other enterprise " Mechel " - Korshunovskom GOKe. Similar machines it is planned to put into operation in September of this year on cuts "Olzherasskij" and "Krasnogorskij" Open Society " Southern Kuzbas ".

Updating of the equipme t at enterprises of Open Society " Southern Kuzbas " is a part of the long-term program operating in company " Mechel ", directed on achievement of volumes of a coal mining in 2010 25 million tons. According to plans of "Mechel", during with 2007 for 2011 of the investment into development of " Southern Kuzbas " will make nearby $700 million.