Skolkovo Foundation: unmanned dump trucks will be used in Russia for special tasks in 2020

Skolkovo Foundation had published a small interview with Dmitry Klebanov - head of the business development in VIST Mining Technology on a robotized KAMAZ truck, which was developed with the participation of VIST Mining Technology.

VIST Mining Technology – Skolkovo resident and VIST Group affiliated company, had taken part in the development of the robotized KAMAZ truck. It is planned, that the truck will be used in mining area in 2020. “It is VIST Mining Technology employees, who develop robotized truck, work on dynamic tracing, regulating system, collision avoidance system, controlling mechanism of the truck ”, - tells Dmitry Klebanov – head of the business development of VIST Mining Technology.
skolkovo foundation: unmanned dump trucks will be used in russia for special tasks in 2020
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A few days ago a video of the robotized unmanned dump truck prototype test was posted on YouTube. It is a joint project of KAMAZ plant, VIST Group company and Cogntive Technologies company, that will be completed in 2020. VIST Group – is a partner of Skolkovo Foundation and a parent company of VIST Mining Technology.

As Dmitry Klebnov says, this test – is the first of the series of tests, that will be conducted by the VIST Mining Technology and KAMAZ specialists as a part of creation of a robotized dump truck, that will be used in mining area. “Robotized dump trucks are currently economically important only for specific conditions and specific tasks, where human presence is limited, and machinery is used for safety and economic reasons. One of the areas, where robotizes equipment can be used is mining industry”.

Video: The first unmanned KAMAZ dump truck.

Video: the first meeting of a unmanned KAMAZ dump truck and a pedestrian. Business-online TV/YouTube

At the same time Dmitry is slightly optimistic about the possibility of  unmanned dump trucks presence on the roads by 2020. “Main problems are not technical, rather organizational ones: legal control of the traffic, elaboration of norms and rules for unmanned machinery usage in a nondeterministic environment. Unmanned trucks will be first used in a capital-intensive industries, where transport is important for the technological processes, and exclusion of human factor will increase safety and efficiency level”, - says VIST Mining Technology representative.

Dmitry is sure, that such projects are crucial for Russia: “Robotized transport development – is a worldwide trend of transport engineering, and if Russia wants to develop transport engineering industry, we cannot fail to develop this key technical trend”. The implementation of the robotized equipment will be gentle – its elements will soon be perceived as an electric glass lifter or an automatic transmission.