SAP Forum for mining and metallurgical companies

20 November 2013
SAP Forum for mining and metallurgical companies  took place in Moscow 15th of November.

The forum was devoted to the role of IT-solutions in increase of business efficiency. That is an issue of great current interest during the period of market unpredictable behavior, high volatility of prices, growing demand for minerals and ores and simultaneous decrease of ores quality, which stimulates putting into operation low-grade deposits.

The goal of Forum was to introduce to participants the best practices of IT solutions implementation and innovations to successfully face the challenges of the market. Representatives of the mining and metallurgical companies got an opportunity to exchange their knowledge and ideas, share their experience of IT-solutions implementation and tell about results. In addition, the representative of Deloitte consulting company made a plenary presentation, telling the public about transformation of the key spheres of efficiency in response of market challenges.

Representatives of SAP South Africa also took part in Forum and shared the unique experience of working with transnational mining companies in Africa.

And finally, Forum visitors were able to take part in interactive demonstration of the newest development of SAP CIS and VIST Group company - "Digital Mine".

sap forum for mining and metallurgical companies