SAP and VIST Group will optimize the work of enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industries

SAP and VIST Group will engage in joint research on the effectiveness of digitalization and adaptation of existing solutions for the mining and metallurgical industries. Common understanding of machine learning technologies and the Internet of things, as well as a base of common customers, contribute to mutual promotion of software and technology solutions of both companies. The corresponding memorandum was signed at the international industrial fair trade INNOPROM-2018 by the SAP CIS General Director Natalia Parmenova and the General Director of VIST Group Dmitry Vladimirov.

The companies plan to develop the following scenarios for the mining industry: reduce fuel consumption through predictive analytics and optimize operating modes of equipment; increase tires availability through predictive analytics, analysis of the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations; forecasting the risk of accidents and operators’ fatigue.
In processing production it is planned to develop the following scenarios: optimization of ore enrichment processes based on predictive analytics; forecasting of quality parameters of products, optimization of production modes of the plant.

The possible platform for the companies’ collaboration is the Center for professional development "Intelligent Mining Enterprise" which was launched by the National Research Technological University MISiS with the support of VIST Group and SAP CIS. The main goal of the Center is to train engineering and management personnel to ensure the gradual digital transformation of Russian mining and metallurgical enterprises.

"There are a lot of companies now which integrate mutual efforts in the field of development of technological solutions in order to increase the efficiency of their businesses and keep the leading positions in the market. Meanwhile, such concepts as efficiency in operational processes and management are very important primarily for industrial companies in terms of improving profitability. We are confident that our partnership with VIST Group, with its solutions widely used in the industry, combined with the high-tech solutions of SAP, will help to create new opportunities for growth in the mining and metallurgical enterprises”,  noted Natalia Parmenova, SAP CIS Director General.

"Together with SAP CIS, we have already implemented the first initiative that facilitates the digitalization of Russian mining and metallurgical enterprises, and launched the Center for professional development "Intelligent Mining Enterprise" on the basis of MISiS university. The main goal of the Center is the training and retraining of engineering and management personnel to enhance competences in the field of digital technologies for the mining industry. The list of the initiatives that are planned to be developed jointly with SAP is approved by industry experts and the priority tasks have been selected", said VIST Group CEO Dmitry Vladimirov.