Reutech radars in Olimpiadninsky

23 August 2016
Reutech Mining's slope stability monitoring system MSR 300 was implemented in the beginning of June in Olimpiadninsky mining precessing plant. The system is based on radiolocators, that are prepared for operation in harsh conditions of the far north. The system can monitor slope movement and conduct survey work with high precision and in any conditions. Mobility enables the system to scan several areas a day.

The system was implemented after a major breakdown: the only road out of the quarry was blocked, the operation of the enterprise was suspended. After the implementation Olympiadninsky has significally decreased the monitoring division, it is no longer nesessary to keep people on the mining site, in dangerous areas. Moreover, fully featured alarming system was built for the enterprise. Before the system implementation management did not have a full picture of the quarry slopes condition, now data and analisys of the slope movement are stored on the server, that is always accessable.

VIST Group and Reutech Mining provide engineering support 24/7, Reutech Mining specialists monitor radar operation online.

reutech radars in olimpiadninsky
MSR-300 in Olimpiadninsky