Reutech Mining with the partner in the region - VIST Group - discovers the new opportunities in Russia

MSR 300 guards miners at one of the biggest Gold Mines in Russia
In the end of May 2016 Russian distributor of Reutech Mining - VIST Group deployed the first MSR 300 at the one of the biggest gold mines in Russia at Far East region. The region has very harsh environmental conditions - long and cold winters and therefore MSR 300 has special -50C weather kit that will ensure the best performance during the whole year and 24\7. The mine itself is operating since 2007 but already achieved 300 meters deep and will go deeper and MSR will help the workers to ensure their safety and feel secure in this deep open pit.

reutech mining with the partner in the region - vist group - discovers the new opportunities in russia
MSR 300 installed at the Gold Mine in Russia

VIST Group provided the complete services including installation of the WiFi MESH network kit with -50C power boxes and autonomy in case 220V is turned off. One of the feature deployed is SMS and e-mail notifications of the geotechs and mining management whenever there are any alarms by the MSR to ensure that all personnel and mining equipment will be evacuated it time. The mine only starts the operation of MSR and already can see the reliability of MSR 300.

One of the thing to be installed in future is the automatic notification of all vehicles through integration with Mine Fleet Management system that mine is going to deploy in future.

VIST Group showed the MSR 300 at the Russian Coal and Mining fair
The biggest mining event in Russi - Russian Coal and Mining fair -  took place 6-10 of June 2016 in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. Siberia is the biggest coal region of Russia and most of mining companies from Russia and neighbor countries visit this fair. VIST Group has the MSR 300 on the booth which attracts many of the potential customers for the radar technology is not common in Russian mines now. Many of the mines start looking at the radars as one of technologies that they have to own to ensure the safety of their operations. VIST Group has the strong team trained and certificated by Reutech to provide the outstanding support and maintenance.  The MSR 300 that was showed at the booth will be delivered to one of the coal mines in the region for two month of demo testing to show all the mining companies of the region its performance and benefits.
reutech mining with the partner in the region - vist group - discovers the new opportunities in russia

VIST Group also made the session during the fair with presentation of the newest Reutech Mining  technologies like ScatterX and Modular series radars to the potential clients to explain the advantages of MSR, show case studies all over the world.