Presentation of Intelligent Mining Enterprise, Educational and Scientific Center

2 February 2018
On the January 31, as part of the international symposium, Miner's Week 2018, VIST Group gave a presentation on the educational and scientific center, "Intelligent Mining Enterprise". The Center was created at the National university of science and technology MISIS with support from VIST Group and SAP CIS.

The main goal of the Center is to train and retrain engineers and managers in order to increase management effectiveness in mining enterprises, and to facilitate its digital transformation according to the Industry 4.0 concept. It is the first school of its kind in Russia.

The audience had the opportunity to examine a large-scale interactive intelligent mine model and equipment, created by VIST Group for education purposes. A representative of SAP CIS, Alexander Pisarets, and the head of MISIS's Automated management systems department, Igor Tyomkin, delivered speeches on digital transformation and the Center's key role in this process. Academician Kliment Trubetskoi, chairman of the cross-sectoral group of the RAS mining sciences council, which also supports the Center, drew the audience's attention to the general importance of robotization.

«Robotized technologies are the future and there will be a rapid growth in this area over the coming years. However, technologies alone are not enough. It is important to provide an opportunity to educate skilled workers, to prepare them for a digital economy, and in particular for a digital economy in the mining sector', said Dmitry Vladimirov, general director of VIST Group company. 'We hope that the Center will become a focus for progressively-minded miners. Further development of the mining industry is impossible without robotization».

Following the Center presentation, there was a roundtable discussion "Robotization of mining enterprises: safety, extraction, transportation". Nikolai Odintsev, technical director of the VIST Robotics (VIST Group's affiliated company) gave a presentation on the company's solutions and discussed the social aspects of robotization with other participants.