New subsidiary office in the city of Casablanca

8 December 2017
VIST Group had opened its subsidiary office in the city of Casablanca (Kingdom of Morocco). The subsidiary will focus on strengthening the company's position in the mining industry of Morocco and the entire African region. Registration of the subsidiary office was carried out in active cooperation with Russian Export Center and Trade Mission of Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Morocco.

"Establishing our company's subsidiary office in North Africa will provide twenty-four-hour technical support for enterprises where our solutions are already implemented. The support will be in French and Arabic with job creation and the involvement of local specialists. In the future, we plan to expand the number of enterprises in North Africa, that use VIST Group solutions," - said Dmitry Vladimirov, General director of the company.

Until the end of the year, VIST Group plans to begin the implementation of the Intelligent Mine project and launch the first robotized dump truck on one of the OCP Group open-pit mines. Robotized mining area implementation will demonstrate the effectiveness of unmanned mining technology in industrial conditions.