29 April 2013
25th of April 2013 the BELAZ plant hosted a scientific and practical conference devoted to advantages and opportunities of the ROBOTIZED DUMP TRUCK. VIST GROUP SPECIALISTS PRESENTED TO A PUBLIC THEIR DEVELOPMENT - ROBOTIZED DUMP TRUCK WITH 130 TONS LOAD CAPACITY

This development will This development is designed to reduce the risk to humans working in remote areas, open pit mines, in places with hazardous operating conditions, and to eliminate the harmful effects of environmental factors on the truck operator.

The first prototype of a robotized (remote-controlled) dump truck with load capacity of 130 tons was demonstrated in April 2010. The machine was able to perform almost all the functions: start and stop the diesel engine, manage the light engineering, begin the movement, change the direction, lifti the body.

At the April conference was demonstrated a fully autonomous mining truck, which simulated a real job of a mine machinery, moving along the paths defined by software.

The mine truck operation is controlled by a server software, which interacts with the software of KARIER mine fleet management system. Motion path, routing trucks in the mine, setting priorities, assigning routes – all of this is controlled by a Control Center server.

Now the remote control equipment can be installed on any type of dump trucks BELAZ with load capacity of 90 tons, and in the long term - on other special machinery, used in the open pit mines.

At the conference were presented the reports of the plant specialists, representatives of the mining companies on the features of the technical implementation and application of autonomous and robotic technology in the mining area.

At the test site of the plant was held the first public presentation of the possibilities of robotic dump truck. Attendees of the event had a unique chance to be among the first to see the maneuvers of unmanned truck moving autonomously along a predetermined path.

The conference was attended by over 100 experts from leading mining companies.

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