MMK has got 37,5 % Interkos-IV

10 August 2007
Open Society "Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine" (MMK) were got with 37,5 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company "Interkos-IV", is spoken in official documents of the company. Till the moment of purchase of Open Society "MMK" was not the owner of acti ons of the specified organization. Date from which the share of participation MMK in the authorized capital "Interkos-IV" - 8/7/2007 has changed.

Company INTERKOS-IV has been based in 1991 by four mechanical engineers worked in a military-industrial complex of the country in the field of mechanical engineering. INTERKOS-IV one of the first enterprises in Russia, rendering services on development an d manufacture of large-sized equipment for motor industry. For today INTERKOS-IV works in two basic directions - development and manufacture of various kinds of equipment and manufacturing shtampovannyh details.

Open joint-stock company "Magnitogorsk me allurgical combine" is the largest enterprise of ferrous metallurgy of Russia, its share in volume of the metal products sold in a home market of the country, makes about 20 %. The enterprise represents a large metallurgical complex with a full productio n cycle, since preparation zhelezorudnogo raw material and finishing deep processing of ferrous metals. MMK makes the widest for today an assortment of metal products among the enterprises of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. About half of pro uction of Open Society "MMK" it is exported to the various countries of the world.