Evraz will reduce personnel ZSMK, NKMK and Evrazrudy

28 April 2008

Evraz Group per 2008 plans to lead reduction of the personnel at six enterprises of group in Siberia and in Urals Mountains, including Zapadno-Sibirskij-Siberian (Zapsib) and Novokuznetsk metkombinaty (NKMK) in Novokuznetsk and structures " Evrazrudy " in the Kemerovo area and Khakassia. Dismissals will mention in total up to 5 % of employees. What will be reductions at each separate enterprise, does not reveal. According to "", the biggest number of workplaces - 1,2 thousand - will be liquidated on Zaps ib, on 300 places - on NKMK and at enterprises " Evrazrudy ".

In mountain-metallurgical trade union (GMP) recognize, that the salary of workers of enterprises Evraz Group in 2007 grew very quickly. According to chairman of Kemerovo territorial organization GMP Alexander Mironov, since December 2006 till December, 20 07 this growth has made 40 %. At the same time, it has explained, trade unions do not agree with the form of reduction and " will demand, that on each of reduced was motivirovannoe a substantiation of dismissal ". If it will not be, the trade union is mea sured to challenge dismissals in courts. Besides territorial organization GMP insists on necessity of conversion training and arrangement of a part dismissed and on the notice on dismissals for five months, instead of for three as it is declared by the em ployer.

At the same time data of reporting Zapadno-Sibirskogo-Siberian metkombinata do not allow to draw a conclusion on catastrophic backlog of labour productivity from expenses for a payment at the enterprise. For nine months 2007 labour productivity a t combine has grown on 28,1 % in comparison with the similar period of 2006 - about 2,15 million rbl. on one person up to 2,75 million rbl. For the same period charges of combine on a payment practically have not grown: in the third quarter 2006 they have made 1,11 billion rbl., in the third quarter 2007 - 1,16 billion rbl. rates of growth of labour productivity for last three years are Even more impressive: since October, 2004 it has grown on Zapsib in rouble calculation in 5,33 times.


Source: http://www.metcoal.ru/news_eng.asp?action=item&id=10671