Evraz Group does not dismiss workers, and reduces it the salary to third

28 November 2008
Evraz Group develops the program of optimization of all charges including on the personnel, the representative of the company has told. The main thing - to avoid mass reduction of employees, it marks. A first step on which the company has gone, - introduc tion of the incomplete working day and its corresponding payment, marks the interlocutor of "Sheets". Employees of the company are waited with reduction of bonus payments, charges on business trips, it lists, reception of new experts also is closed, vacan cies are reduced all.

The official of the government of the Kemerovo area and a source close to Evraz Group, speak, that the company has agreed with workers of factories about decrease in their salary up to 2/3 from a present level (in the Kemerovo area at Evraz - ZSMK and NkM K). According to the official, the average salary at enterprises Evraz now at a level 30 000 rbl. a month. The employee of one of factories Evraz Group has told, that at its enterprise four-day working week (about the same the official heard also) is ente red.

The representative of the ministry of metallurgy of Sverdlovsk area (there at Evraz Group NTMK) from comments has refused.

To employees of operating company Evraz Group - "Evrazholdinga" has carried less: it is reduced about 15 % of the personnel, representative Evraz Group speaks. The source close to Evraz Group, tells, that there worked nearby 800 person. The former employee of the company knows, that in a metallurgical direction reduction has concerned 25 % of staff.

Russian factories Evraz Gro up have suffered from crisis among the first, in fact they make high-quality hire (it is used in construction). According to analyst Unicredit Aton of George Buzhenitsy, because of falling demand of capacity of three Russian metzavodov (nearby 15,5 millio n) Evraz Group are loaded now on 50-60 %. According to "Uralsiba", Evraz has reduced manufacture of steel in October by September to 32 % up to 726 000 t. And the price for armature in the export markets since summer by November has fallen almost three ti mes up to $435 for 1 t, marks Buzhenitsa.

According to the reporting of enterprises Evraz Group, on the beginning of year on three Russian metkombinatah worked nearby 47 000 person, 7000 more - on Kachkanarskom GOKe, data on "JUzhkuzbassuglju" do not rev nd worldwide at enterprises Evraz Group on the end of year worked 127 000 person. So Evraz Group it is necessary to cut down administrative expenses, analyst VTB Alexander Puhaev marks. In fact in steel manufacture on them it is necessary up to 8-10 % fro m annual proceeds Evraz Group, t. e. In 2007 - nearby $1,3 billion Though not all this sum - charges on the personnel, emphasizes Buzhenitsa. Representative Evraz Group speaks, that the company expects to save a quarter of fund of a payment.