EVRAZ deploys Zyfra’s ZM Karier fleet management system at Kachkanarsk

9 January 2020

EVRAZ, one of the top international steel producers and a major iron ore mine operator, has implemented the ZM KARIER Mine Fleet Management System at the Kachkanarsk ore-dressing combine (GOK) in Russia with the help of Zyfra Company’s mining division (Zyfra Mining – formerly VIST Group). After each load and unload, drivers obtain the optimum route according to several criteria. The data is seen by the excavator operators and the truck drivers on the smart panels in the cabin.

“Thanks to the system optimising the work of all kinds of equipment and vehicles, the truck productivity has been increased by more than 8%,” said Pavel Rastopshin, Managing Director of Zyfra. “In 2020, we plan to integrate railway transport into the project. The smart equipment will be installed on the traction units,” said Alexey Kushnarev, Managing Director of Kachkanarsk GOK.

Zyfra’s ZM KARIER system is successfully installed and used at more than 70 open pits across the world. Dynamic optimisation enables the distribution of haul trucks along routes in an open cycle with a multi-criteria optimisation factor. The system also allows shift changes, break times, refueling, etc, to be optimized and haul trucks’ loading violations to be managed and monitored.

Monitoring production parameters and vehicle health in real time results in an average cost reduction through fuel saving of up to 10% and a reduction in non-technological downtime of up to 80%. The payload and fuel level monitoring systems increase the average payload of haul trucks, and significantly reduce underloading and overloading.