An agreement between BelAZ, VIST Group and Russian export center

23 September 2015
VIST Group, BelAZ – Belarusian equipment manufacturer and Russian export centre had signed an agreement on cooperation and joint promotion on the international market

The signing ceremony took place during the second forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus. VIST Group’s general director Dmitry Vladimirov and the head of BelAZ Peter Perkhomchik signed an agreement on strategic cooperation  in the presence of the Russian export center representative. Head of the Russian export center Peter Fradkov had signed the agreement earlier.

The agreement will strengthen the cooperation of the two companies and will help them in promotion of their joint solutions on the international markets. Belorussian side will provide the dump trucks, and Russian side – VG KARIER fleet management system. Russian export center will help with marketing, consulting and organizational issues. It will help companies to be more effective and optimize promotional costs by joint participation in trade shows.

A step by step partnership plan will be formed in October 2015. Companies’ export priority right now is Vietnam. First export deliveries are expected in 2015. Marocco, Indonesia and other countries are also considered potential markets.

an agreement between belaz, vist group and russian export center

Signing ceremony

Russian expert center is a state institution of export support, created with support of Russian Federation government. In addition to financial assistance, the center is offering Russian exporters a full range of services – from initial consultations to help with export transactions financially and