CEO of the Siberian Business Union company demonstrated the effective work of VG Karier to the Russian President Vladimir Putin

28 August 2018

During the business visit to Kuzbass, president Vladimir Putin attended Chernigovets coal mine, which is part of the largest Russian holding company "Siberian Business Union" managed by the branch division of "SDS-Ugol". The advantages of VG Karier (Mine Fleet Management System) were demonstrated in real-time to Vladimir Putin. VG Karier is a key element of the open-pit mining management.

The operation of the system was described in detail by the head of the Siberian Business Union, Mikhail Fedyaev. Sensors are installed on each dump truck and excavator, the routes and the location of the equipment are displayed on the screens at the dispatch center, as well as the tank’s fuel volume and the tires pressure. A dispatcher monitors the positioning of the miners in the mine - this is how control and planning processes are operated. According to Fedyaev, the system’s return of investment was around one year, reducing fuel costs by 30%.

Photo: Mikhail Metsel / TASS