A partnership agreement between the VIST Group company and the MINCOM

24 March 2011

VIST Group and MINCOM have signed the partnership agreement. According to the agreement VIST Group will promote the MINCOM solutions and provide a full range of implementation and support services. In a prospect VIST Group KARIER Mine Fleet Management system and MINCOM solutions will be integrated on mining enterprises. Joint VIST Group and MINCOM solutions will provide contemporary service and high level of industrial automatization.

MINCOM is the global leader in enterprise asset management solutions, we provide strategic software and services for asset intensive industries. Asset intensity describes both what we do and how we do it. Whether your heavy assets are large machines or large workforces or a combination of the two, we work intensely to help you maximize profits and minimize risks. Mincom solutions optimize the performance of your assets, integrate your business processes, and deliver insight into your global business operations. www.mincom.com