2nd MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum

VIST Group's head of the business development Dmitry Klebanov took part in the 2nd MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum that was held on 14-16 June 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Organised every year in a different country, MINEX Forum helps to spotlight opportunities in a specific region of Europe. This year the forum was held in Serbia – one of the world’s most promising mining hot-spots.

MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum brought together over 170 delegates: experts, scientists, representatives of mining and technological companies etc.

15th of June Dmitry presented a report on Digitisation of mining operations: robotization, automation, predictive analytics. Mine site visits to historic mining town Bor were organised after the Forum. Dmitry visited Čukaru Peki mineral deposit developed by Rakita Company Ltd and Mining Complex manged by RTB Bor Group.